A Re-created Revolutionary War Re-enactment Unit
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Photo of The Unit
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by "Blake Morales"
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Cpl. Hauck scouting in the woods at Vincennes 2009.
Picture of the 1st Dragoon Unit at the Cantingy Event in September 2009.

Who Are We?
The First Regiment of Light Dragoons, Fifth Troop is a non-profit, educationally based, living history group devoted to the accurate portrayal of the congressional cavalry troops  during the American War of Independence.  We come from all over the Midwest US, with a good portion of our members located around the Chicago area but we also have members extending up through Wisconsin and down through Indiana.  It is the purpose of this unit to present to the public a re-creation of the soldiers and civilians associated with the first dragoons during the Spring of 1777, with an emphasis on research, education, authenticity, fellowship and family.  Members of our unit find this a fascinating family based hobby with some enjoying the history aspect while others participate for the camping and social opportunities. Our membership is comprised of both single and married men and women and children of all ages.

What is This All About?
If colonial living history is your passion, then this is the place to get involved. The North West Territory Alliance or NWTA, to which our unit belongs, has a mission to accurately portray the life and times of colonial soldiers and civilians during the American Revolutionary War years of 1775 to 1783. Each NWTA unit researches and documents the clothing and weapons of a particular military outfit that existed during the war years of 1775 to 1783. From May through November, we participate with other member units of the NWTA in historical events throughout the Midwest US. These events are weekend encampment showcases that present a "hands on" and a "you are there" educational approach for the attending public on both military and non-military life during the American War of Independence.
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